1. April 2021

Saddle and a lid used for the vacuum lamination of plastic parts

In this project, we were approached by the customer with the request to manufacture a saddle and a lid used for the vacuum lamination of plastic […]
13. August 2020

Project publicity: Innovation of the machining process in the company SUPRATEK

300/5000This project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund The aim of the project: to increase the competitiveness of the company SUPRATEK s.r.o., by using […]
30. June 2020

Supratek and 4robotics are entering into a close collaboration

We are moving forward! After our many years in the field of automation, it is time to move on again. We have a number of successful […]
10. June 2020

New 5-axis machining center from DMG Mori

Our tooling capacities have been expanded with a new 5-axis machining center from DMG MORI DMF 180 | 7. This enables us to process parts with […]
23. August 2019

Market research record

Procurement of the 5-axis center continues successfully. We enclose a record with offers. Market research record
29. November 2016

Checking the mounting of plain bearings

This device is designed to check the presence of metal inserts in four different types of the plastic moldings. The operator places the test part on […]
29. November 2016

Filling table

The table is used to exchange containers with emulsions under the pumps. The worker places the containers on the pull-out plate with milled shapes for the […]
29. November 2016

Cutting machine for cutting inlets after pressing

The workplace is used to cut the inlets from the injection molding machine from the double part. On the part of the customer, emphasis was placed […]