Grob 550 5-osé obrábacie centrum 1

Our latest pride and joy

31. May 2018 | News , Machinery

Our new Grob 550 5-axis machining center has landed recently. And we must say that this second Grob acquisition was much smoother and more ...

                                            Grob 350 5-osé obrábacie centrum 1

Year and a day

13. November 2015 | News , Machinery

The reality is less dramatic than the heading of this article, but still it has been more than a year since we announced new ...


Faster, accurate, effective (5D)

30. September 2014 | News , Machinery

Some additions to our machinery used to have rather simply story. We needed more production capacity, we found a spot in our hall, picked ...

                                            Prevádzkové a skladové priestory 6

A Quick Look Behind The Curtain

6. August 2014 | News , Machinery

Our properly utilized and patinated production and office areas are well known to our regular visitors. The rest of you can take a quick ...

                                            Mikroúderový značkovač SIC Marking - EC9 45

Dot peen marking introduction

28. January 2013 | News , Machinery

We used to use only stickers and classic permanent markers in case there was need for labeling of the production. This changed lately, because ...

                                            Meracie pracovisko 23

Introducing CMM Duramax

16. September 2012 | News , Machinery

The time has come to move our internal quality control a little bit further. Each task requires the right tool and in this case ...


New acquisition in our machinery

16. September 2012 | News , Machinery

Our machinery was recently enhanced by new vertical machining center Vesta 1000.