Čerpací stôl 1

Pump table

29. November 2016 | News

This table is used to make loading of barrels with fluid easier. Deck with machined pockets for exact position of barrels can be pulled ...

                                            Kontrola priechodiek 1

Bushings checker

29. November 2016 | News

Workstation is dedicated to control presence of metal bushings in four different types of plastic parts. Operator puts plastic part to be tested in ...

                                            Montážny stôl pre plastové koncovky 1

Assembly table for plastic terminals

29. November 2016 | News

Two plastic parts are screwed into another during operation of this machine. After placing components into position, camera test is run to make sure ...

                                            Osadzovač klipov 1

Clip assembler

29. November 2016 | News

On this workstation, metal clips are pushed onto plastic part. Plastic is positioned and locked on precise machined fixture. Vision test detects, if there ...

                                            Podávač trubiek 1

Pipes manipulator

29. November 2016 | News

Machine is placed between assembling table and testing machine. It transfers hydraulic tubes from table to tester. It is adjustable for tubes with length ...

                                            Strihací prípravok - vtoky po lisovaní 1

Cutting jig for pressing inlet

29. November 2016 | News

Purpose of this workstation is to cut plastic parts from plastic injection inlets. It was required that we cannot touch upper face of the ...