P.F. 2016

P.F. 2016

22. December 2015 | News

One of rare places in our area where you can currently watch some snowy winter scenery these days is unfortunately only our new year ...

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Precise surface machining

27. November 2015 | News

Component for vacuum welding machine made of aluminum alloy. The requirements for flatness of surfaces and precision of holes and tappings were relatively strict ...

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New construction office

13. November 2015 | News

Our main office started to be a little bit too small for us, so we moved to the other part of the same building ...

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Year and a day

13. November 2015 | News , Machinery

The reality is less dramatic than the heading of this article, but still it has been more than a year since we announced new ...

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Single purpose devices

11. November 2015 | News

Well designed single purpose machine can significantly increase productivity and quality of manufacturing. We are designing such machines for quite some time, but there ...

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New hall

11. November 2015 | News

We are back with good news. One of our longterm internal projects is up and running (or standing in this case). We have finally ...

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Quarter of silence

6. April 2015 | News

No news on our blog for more than three months, just couple of tumbleweeds tumbling around (you know the thingies from western movies). The ...