PF 2014

Pour Féliciter 2014

23. December 2013 | News

Christmas rush is almost over and our company is ready to start the holiday. One last important thing is on the table. We want ...

                                            Forma pre odlievanie plastového profilu II. 5

Simple mold for plastic profile

1. December 2013 | News

Once again a simple mold for plastic profile. It's made of aluminum alloy EN AW5083.

                                            Valčekový dopravník 7

Roller conveyor with chain drive

15. November 2013 | News

Besides other things we also design, manufacture  and install conveyors. Here is some brief info about our latest creation. It is a roller conveyor ...

                                            Vákuová prísavka 6

Vacuum suction

5. November 2013 | News

Simple recently made part.  Vacuum suction used by industrial robot for manipulating of boxes. Made of plastic - Ertalon 6XAU.

                                            Renovované zápustky 4

Renovation of dies

1. November 2013 | News

Some forms return back to us when their wear exceeds the standard. Renovated form helps decreasing total cost of manufacturing with material savings. The ...

                                            Prípravok pre elektrotechnickú prevádzku 6

Fixture for electrotechnical manufacturing

27. October 2013 | News

Everybody agrees that you need to make the work easier and shorten the assembly times. Question is how to make it real. We can ...

                                            Prototypový model banánu 4

Banana prototype

1. October 2013 | News

Somebody is preparing sweet surprise and it starts it's journey as prototype model. Banana is made of aluminum alloy (AlMgSi0,5).