Lisovací prípravok 67

Pressing fixture

3. December 2012 | News

Simply pressing fixture for electrotechnical industry made of aluminum and plastic components.

                                            Zlievarenský model 89

Aluminum foundry model

23. November 2012 | News

Foundry model made of aluminum alloy EN AW5083.

                                            Spájkovací rám 112

Soldering frame

1. November 2012 | News

Soldering frame made of  aluminum and glass fibre laminate designed for electrical production. The frame is equipped with a mechanism for fixing the components ...

                                            Forma - vidlica bicykla 89

Molds for casting of prototypes

12. October 2012 | News

Photos of molds primary used for early stages of production have been added into gallery. The first one is the bicycle fork mold made ...

                                            Chladič OMS Lucida 2 56

Machining of aluminum

4. October 2012 | News

Some recent workpieces made of aluminum were added into gallery.

                                            Meracie pracovisko 23

Introducing CMM Duramax

16. September 2012 | News , Machinery

The time has come to move our internal quality control a little bit further. Each task requires the right tool and in this case ...


New acquisition in our machinery

16. September 2012 | News , Machinery

Our machinery was recently enhanced by new vertical machining center Vesta 1000.