Offering anything from custom part or prototype to serial production. We have extensive experience from work for range of industries (electronics, automobile, machining and woodworking). Of course we don’t avoid technological and construction challenges coming from our customers. If you need something unusual, do not hesitate to contact us.

As part of our complete service the end products can be:

  • designed
  • manufactured
  • completed and installed
  • packed
  • delivered

All by our company.

We design and produce

Precision components and spare parts

Production of high precision parts from different materials based on our own design or according to customers technical documentation. Except common steels, plastic and aluminium alloys can be the parts machined also from titanium alloys and composite materials.

Quality assurance is managed by our own metrological department with help of modern measuring devices (Zeiss Duramax, Zeiss Handysurf).

Various components

Rôzne komponenty 23 Rôzne komponenty 56 Rôzne komponenty 12 Rôzne komponenty 45 Rôzne komponenty 34

Vacuum suction

Vákuová prísavka 3 Vákuová prísavka 2 Vákuová prísavka 5 Vákuová prísavka 4 Vákuová prísavka 6

Cooler OMS Lucida 2

Chladič OMS Lucida 2 12 Chladič OMS Lucida 2 23 Chladič OMS Lucida 2 34 Chladič OMS Lucida 2 56 Chladič OMS Lucida 2 45

Jigs and fixture

Almost every manufacturing or assembling process can be made more effective with use of appropriate jigs or fixtures. Sometimes simple universal mass produced fixture will do the job, but there are usually some compromises. Custom designed and manufactured jig can really improve the production times and demands on workers.

We produce:

  • assembling jigs
  • measuring jigs
  • positioning jigs
  • clamping jigs
  • jigs for pressing and cutting
  • soldering frames (DUROSTONE)

Assembly jigs

Prípravok 910 Prípravok 78 Prípravok 34 Prípravok 89 Prípravok 12

Soldering frames

Rám 56 Rám 67 Rám 78 Rám 12 Rám 45

Pressing fixture

Lisovací prípravok 34 Lisovací prípravok 23 Lisovací prípravok 12 Lisovací prípravok 67 Lisovací prípravok 56

Forms, models and forging dies

  • forms for casting of different materials
  • forging dies
  • models for prototypes

Forms/Molds (aluminum models for foundries, forging dies)

Formy 45 Formy 101 Formy 23 Formy 67 Formy 112

Prototype model for banana

Prototypový model banánu 2 Prototypový model banánu 3 Prototypový model banánu 4 Prototypový model banánu 1

Mold for plastic profile

Forma pre odlievanie plastového profilu 3 Forma pre odlievanie plastového profilu 2 Forma pre odlievanie plastového profilu 1

Production plant equipment

  • handling trolleys
  • work desks with accessories

Handling trolleys

Manipulačná technika 23 Manipulačná technika 112 Manipulačná technika 78 Manipulačná technika 89 Manipulačná technika 145

Work desks and equipment

Pracovné stoly a vybavenie 23 Pracovné stoly a vybavenie 67 Pracovné stoly a vybavenie 12 Pracovné stoly a vybavenie 56 Pracovné stoly a vybavenie 45