Operational Program KaHR EU

This project was realized with support of European Union.

Our company decided to increase its competitiveness on market and accelerate our growth by acquiring of new CNC machining center. This idea was financially supported by European Union with their Operational Program.

Project details

Name: Innovative 5-axis CNC machining center

Place of project realization: Coburgova 84, 917 02 Trnava, Slovak Republic

Project Goal: Competitiveness growth

Specific Targets:

  • Extension of technological production abilities
  • Removal of cooperations
  • Growth of production flexibility
  • Growth of economic markers (margins) for the entire company 
  • Improvement of accuracy and speed of production 
  • Growth in number of permanent employees

Current state:

Our company is focusing in design and manufacture of tools, machine parts, jigs and other builds for various industries. Relatively stable and wide structure of customers gives the company the access to diverse orders, but unfortunately we were not able to attend all of them. Crucial requirement in our industry segment is flexibility, accuracy and speed of delivery. This is also heavily influenced by ever changing requirements of the market and demand in quality improvement. These demands could not be fully covered from our own resources and we were forced to use external contractors, what significantly reduced flexibility and prolonged the time of delivery. With realization of proposed project the company will obtain innovative technology of 5-axis CNC center, which will fully or at least partially eliminate mentioned shortcomings.

Status after project realization:

Thanks to the EU support the company obtained 5-axis CNC center. Innovative technology gives access to competitiveness growth - especially due to new possibilities of technological tooling options, flexibility rate and production accuracy. Last but not least, higher speed of production will be achieved – this is also extremely important for our company. New technology should significantly help to penetrate foreign markets. Thanks to the project, the company created two new positions for young unemployed people, as well as one work place for disadvantaged person. With this we will at least partially help to mitigate the unemployment rate in Trnava’s region.

Date of project realization: 29.04.2014

Date of project’s end: 26.10.2015

Name and establishment of recipient:
SUPRATEK s.r.o., Bohdanovce nad Trnavou 220, 919 09 Bohdanovce nad Trnavou

Name of controlling member:
Ministry of Economy SR represented by Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency

Webpages of the managing authority and the operational program: |

The amount of contribution: € 149,154

Photo documentation:

Grob 350 5-osé obrábacie centrum 1

Grob 350 5-axis machining center

Grob 350 5-osé obrábacie centrum 1 Grob 350 5-osé obrábacie centrum 2 Grob 350 5-osé obrábacie centrum 5 Grob 350 5-osé obrábacie centrum 6 Grob 350 5-osé obrábacie centrum 4