Design and construction

We offer development/design with following production according to your requirements. Initial specification, technical documentation together with visualization of final product is included. One or more prototypes can be created before production if needed.

Also computer simulation of device operation can be created if needed. We work with standard development tools and formats (Autodesk Inventor, Siemens Solid Edge, Edge CAM).

We have extensive experience with design of dedicated machines and devices like:

  • conveyors
  • mixers
  • functional testers
  • automated optical inspection (AOI) systems
  • cutting devices


Dopravník 78 Dopravník 45 Dopravník 23 Valčekový dopravník 1 Valčekový dopravník 2

Mixing machine ATB

Mixér ATB 9 Mixér ATB 13 Mixér ATB 3 Mixér ATB 6 Mixér ATB 11

Test devices

Tester netesnosti 1 Testovacie zariadenie 56 Testovacie zariadenie 23 Testovacie zariadenie 34 Tester netesnosti 2

Cutting devices

Vysekávacie zariadenie 23 Vysekávacie zariadenie 78 Vysekávacie zariadenie 56 Vysekávacie zariadenie 67 Vysekávacie zariadenie 45

Finished designs

Model 78 Model 34 Model 910 Model 45 Model 67