We have longterm experience with design and production of automatization technology for production in various industries. Our solutions are custom made according to needs and requirements of particular customer.

Our company delivers solutions with various degrees of complexity. From simple single purpose jigs, testers and machines to complex systems for transportation, positioning, control and measurement in production process.

No matter how complex the system is, there is always emphasis on overall benefit for the process and customer. 

Assembly/control workplace

You can see test operation of one of our products on following videos. Purpose of the displayed machine is to assist the operator with assembly of car interior panel. It is able to work with multiple types of panel. 

Every step o operator is controlled by the system, in case of missing or wrongly assembled part the operator receives notice and needs to repeat the step.

The machine performs tests with camera system. Position of the part ifself is checked with optical and induction sensors. Pneumatic cylinders are used for locking, marking and control sensors movement. The safety of the operator is guaranteed with optical latch.