Chronology of development and growth of our company grouped by years.

2005 - 2007

Our company started as a commercial enterprise in 2005. In the beginning, we have used most of our capacity for custom manufacturing of jigs for electrotechnical industry and production of forging equipment. This specialization later submitted in favor of company’s original intention to provide flexible and complex services in production and subcontracting for various industries.

2008 - 2010

Our manufacture and office moved into newer and more suitable location in the area of former TAZ factory. At the same time, the company transformed into limited liability company.

A second wave of internal reorganization followed after acclimation and stabilization of company’s running. We have successfully came through ISO 9001:2008 certification process in 2010 besides other internal process management improvements.

2011 - 2012

We expanded our machinery and hired more employees to be able serve the growing quantitative and qualitative requirements of our customers. Emphasis has been placed on improvement of quality assurance processes and related metrology. Amount of various frames manufactured from aluminum profiles and designed by us started to grow.

2013 - 2015

As we grow, we started to hit the limits of our facilities and staff. That was strong enough impulse for us to initiate another expansion iteration. The biggest one in the history of our company.

Older building ideal for reconstruction near our office was acquired as first step. Preparation of new production area was a longterm process which run in parallel with securing of funding for the whole operation.

After sustained and longterm effort we qualified for grant for new machinery from Operational Program KaHR EU, which helped us to move to the next level in field of hight precision machining. New 5-axis universal machining center from renowned manufacturer GROB was installed in our new hall.

Very low employee fluctuation trend continued also over these years, which is very pleasant for us and we like that the employees feel well in our company. Lot of new colleagues started to work on all levels of company hierarchy which really put some pressure on our office space. So once again we needed to move to bigger place. Fortunately we moved only within the same building and the remodelling was very smooth without any real downtime.

A detailed description of our currently provided services can be found in sections production, construction and aluminum profiles.